FluffyYukYuk Chomping Plush Toy

FluffyYukYuk Chomping Plush Toy

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YukYuk has fewer tentacles than any other octopi, six to be exact. Yuk is considered a bit klutzy among his kind because he can only juggle six things at once, only carry six toothbrushes and only scratch six itches. Yuk decided to see what else the world holds because it’s hard being an Octopus with only six tentacles and mischief always follows.

Make friends with YUK today and help control his chomping clumbsyness. 


Normally cuteness combined with fluffyness is a sure tell sign of friendship. However, you must understand that no matter how cute, cuddly, fluffy or adorable a creature can be... they can still chomp your stuff or even you!

Meet The FluffyFriends™, the world's cutest, most mischievous chomping friends. They can be so cute at times, but each FluffyFriend loves to cause some chompin' trouble. But don't worry, 99.9% of the time they are just love bites ;)

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